OneBus is a partnership representing bus operators in Greater Manchester, committed to working with Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) to improve travel as part of an integrated network that gets Greater Manchester moving.

At OneBus, we recognise the changing landscape of the provision of bus services across Greater Manchester over the next few years, and we want to:

  • work with the Mayor and Transport for Greater Manchester to deliver the Bee Network
  • offer great customer service 
  • make bus travel the first choice for journeys in the Region
  • work with council partners and TfGM to ensure bus customers benefit from good access to town and city centres with improved bus priority.
  • provide the best employment opportunities for our staff  and support our members as they manage major changes to the structure of their companies
  • work towards everyone being members of the GM Good Employment Charter 
  • ensure the Bee Network benefits from the collective experience of the GM bus operators

We emphasise our support and shared ambition for journey simplification, more bus priority measures, greener transport and high-quality information for all passengers.


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