It is important for the operators to have a strong voice to work with and (sometimes) challenge the plans that other parties have which affect buses in Greater Manchester.

Bus operators want to ensure that they can take people where they want to go, wherever possible, on prioritised roads.

To do this we will continuously and collectively highlight the role the bus plays - it accounts for over 80% of all journeys by public transport and bus travel is a growing market - there has recently been year on year passenger growth in Manchester, following a period of decline, illustrating that buses are the best option for many people.

We have achieved positive results working in partnership and some industry-leading successes.  We are not dismissing the other public transport modes - we know that trams and trains have their place in the City but this should not be to the detriment of bus customers.

Through our commercial business Greater Manchester Travelcards Ltd (System One) we provide multi-modal tickets which is a positive example of how we can work together.

Take a look at our stakeholder brochure to find out more information on our work in partnership in Greater Manchester.