OneBus operators run over 150 hybrid vehicles in Greater Manchester - there are more here than any other urban area (outside of London) - a hybrid vehicle operates using battery power with a diesel engine to charge it.

Passenger cars produce nearly 60% of all CO2 emissions from road transport in the UK, compared to just 5% from buses.*  We are all committed to improving Euro standard of our diesel engine buses - this means the engines are more efficient the higher the Euro rating and deliver less pollution in our region.  Keeping Greater Manchester cleaner and greener.

We are committed to continuously improving our carbon footprint.  And so are you - by travelling on our buses - just making one journey by bus a week reduces your carbon footprint by nearly half for the day!**

*Information from

**Based on CO2 emissions calculator.  Based on a journey of 10 miles by large car is 4.1kg of CO2 per occupant based on 2.2kg of CO2 per bus occupant.